How to use Challenge

Did your team members want to learn more actively and independently?
Motivate people’s learning through the Challenge function, which promotes participation and growth.
Challenge allows to have a fun and rewarding learning experience.

1. Basic Features

a. About Challenge

β‘  Challenge
You can view all the challenges created within the Space.
Challenges can be sorted into upcoming, ongoing, and ended challenges for easier viewing.
Click on a section to access the learning materials.
β‘‘ Entered Challenges
You can see all the challenges you have participated in.
You can check the completion rate of each challenge.
Ended tasks can be checked in the Task Log.
β‘’ Explore Challenges
Even if you haven't entered a challenge, you can look at challenges that other people are doing.
β‘£ Create a Challenge
Both administrators and participants can create challenges.

b. Challenge status

Once you click the challenge that you entered, you can see the status of your tasks.
You can see the remaining tasks and past tasks.
Click Challenge Status to see the entire status including other entrants.

2. Creating Challenges & Tasks

Encourage learning and growth in various educational fields!
If you deliver lecture-style education, try setting weekly assignments to be uploaded to CLASSUM. You can create a consistent learning experience that follows the curriculum.
If you regularly gather for group studies, try sharing individual study assignments on CLASSUM prior to meetings. You can naturally accumulate learning data as you complete challenges.
β€» Only Space administrators can enable this feature.
β‘  βŠ• Create β†’ β‘‘ Fill in Title and Description β†’ β‘’ Set Start Date β†’ β‘£ Create Tasks β†’ β‘€ Set Tag β†’ Create
You must create at least one task for each challenge.
You can create multiple tasks.

3. Enter & Explore Challenges

a. Explore Challenges

Even if you have not entered, you can take a look at the Challenge. Check out who has entered, what kind of posts are being written to achieve the Challenge, and how actively people are completing the Challenge. You can get motivated by looking at other people's Challenge activities.

a. Enter Challenge

Anyone belonging to the Space can enter the challenge, regardless of whether they are an administrator or a participant.
Turn on Challenge notifications in the CLASSUM app.
You won't miss any new challenges in the space and can enter them.