Post - Code Block / LaTeX / File

In CLASSUM you can ask and answer questions about anything with the formula editor, code blocks, and more. Choose and utilize them in every post, comment, and more!

1. Code Blocks

You can enter codes by selecting the code icon below. All programming languages are automatically detected and recognized!
You can also use the code block function to highlight content in the post that you would like to emphasize.

2. Equation editor

You can add various equations by selecting the equation icon below.
Use the equation editor for math, science, machine learning, and other related topics!
You can easily edit the equation you entered upon selection.

3. Attachments (Image, File)

Share various files with others by clicking the ⊕ button below.
Images, videos, and files can be uploaded along with posts in the following formats:
Image ⇒ png, jpg, jpeg, heic, bmp, gif
Video ⇒ mp4, mov, wmv, avi, flv, gif, mkv, webm, vob, ogv, ogg, gifv
File Attachments ⇒ All formats
Use this feature when submitting assignments or reports!
When you have uploaded the incorrect file, follow this steps:
(…) on the top right → Edit Add File Upload or Delete Post
 Please consult directly with our CLASSUM expert. We'll do our best to resolve your issue.