[Operation] When something is wrong

Although we do our best to respond to every support as soon as possible, there can be times when we're not supporting you in a timely manner. Below are some guidelines for you to use CLASSUM more effectively!

Using CLASSUM on a Windows PC?

CLASSUM is optimized for Chrome Browser.
Please download and install Chrome from the link below.
Are you using Internet Explorer (IE)? Please be aware that some features on CLASSUM won't be available on Internet Explorer.

Using CLASSUM on Mobile?

Download CLASSUM on your mobile phone (iOS and Android). CLASSUM's numerous features and functions are now at your fingertips!
You can also access CLASSUM from the web browser on your Mobile device! Using Chrome is recommended in this case as well.
Did this answer your question? Do you still have issues? Consult with our support team. Your needs matter the most. Speak to our CLASSUM expert via 1-on-1 Support