[Interaction] Sharing Content

★ In CLASSUM’s Content section, users can upload a variety of content such as Zoom sessions, VODs, YouTube and Quizzes.

1. CLASSUM Content Section

① Users can organize content using sections.
② Each content shows deadlines for completing the session.
③ Members can sort contents based on their status and content types.
④ Changing the order of contents is also available.
⇒ Click on the three dots in the top right corner → Select move contents upwards/move contents downwards

2. Using Sections

① Create Unlimited Sections
Click Add section
① Create Unlimited Sections
② You can directly access the contents under the listed section.
Click the content title under each section.
② Go directly to contents under the listed section
③ Reorder content & move contents from one section to another
※ You can also move contents from one section to another.
⇒ Click on the three dots(・・・) in the right corner→ Click change order → Change the order of sections by dragging and dropping each section
③ Reorder content & move contents from one section to another
④ Changing section titles
Click on the three dots(・・・) on the right of the section title → Click Rename Section → Set an appropriate title
④ Changing section titles

3. Connecting Zoom Accounts

Content → ② Click Add Content → ③ Click Zoom Session → ④,⑤ Click Connect and follow the instructions on the Zoom Page
★ If you already have a Zoom account → log in
★ If you don't have a Zoom account → sign up and download at https://zoom.ussign up and log in
※ Zoom session duration may vary according to your Zoom account type. Free plans last up to 40 minutes; purchase individual licenses at Zoom( to gain unlimited access.

4. Zoom Sessions

Content → ② Click Add Content → ③ Click Zoom Session → ④ Set title, description, scheduling details and other settings
※ Start Zoom sessions directly on CLASSUM.
※ Both Admin and Participants must have the Zoom app installed on their computers.
※ Zoom sessions are available on both desktop browsers and CLASSUM's mobile app.

A. Automatically Upload Zoom Recording to Content

Didn’t you find it bothersome to upload each Zoom session recording to your content?
Now, this process can be done automatically!
(However, this feature is only provided to those using the Premium plan of Zoom as the Zoom session needs to be recorded and saved in the cloud.)
If you wish to upload the Zoom session automatically, choose the ‘Automatically upload Zoom recording to content’ option when adding Zoom content.
①Content → ②Add Content → ③Zoom Session → ④Automatically upload Zoom recording to content (in Zoom Recording Settings)
If you choose this option, you can check the uploaded recording in the Content space right after the live Zoom session ends.

5. VODs (Video Files or Embedded YouTube/Vimeo URLs)

Content → ② Click Add Content → ③ Click VOD
④ Add Title and Description → ⑤ Upload VOD (Video file or YouTube/Vimeo URL) → ⑥ Other Settings
(Image 1, 2) ④⑤ Add Title and Description and upload VOD → ⑥ Other Settings
Additional Features
※ Take attendance and download it as an Excel spreadsheet.
※ Disable playback speed on the first play.
※ Schedule VODs according to your needs.
※ Progress dashboard is unavailable for VODs with YouTube/Vimeo URLs
★★ How to use VODs' Dashboard and Chat
(Image 4) VOD Chat (Image 5) VOD Dashboard
① Space Admin can pin important replies.
② Interact using ‘Clap,’ ‘Curious,’ and SUMoji reactions.
Double click (tap) or right-click messages to reply.
Right-click on messages to copy, reply, pin, or delete.
Upload and share any type of file (Attached images can be previewed directly in the chat).
⑥ Space Admins can check view progress on the Dashboard and download it to an Excel spreadsheet.
⑦ Check the summary of participants’ view progress.
⑧ Space Admin can also check the view progress of each participant and renotify participants who haven’t finished watching.
Admins can also download all participants' view progress of VODs in the Insights page
Embedded YouTube/Vimeo URL Admins can’t check view progress and download it to a spreadsheet on the Dashboard.

6. Quizzes

A. Create Quizzes

Content → ② Add content → ③ Quiz
④ Make multiple choice questions and set a scoring system → ⑤ Click Save
: Quiz title and description fields. This is the first screen participants see when they start the quiz.
: You can set points for each multiple choice question at once. (ex. 5 points/question)
: ‘Preview’ button. After participants finish the quiz, Admin can view their answers through a preview screen. Participants can see through the preview that the quiz has been finished.
: Reordering questions and answers. You can move around the questions and answers by dragging and dropping.
: You can make multiple choice questions have ‘single answers’ or ‘multiple answers.’
: After making questions and answers, the Admin must select the correct answer.
Settings section→ ⑦ Set quiz start & end time, revealing scores → ⑧ Reveal content
※ After the participant has completed and submitted the quiz, moderators cannot edit the contents of the quiz. Therefore, we recommend that you preview your quiz before publishing it!

B. Results

C. Edit & Copy

Right-click on the three-dotted bar to edit. Quizzes that are currently public to Participants or are in progress can also be edited.
① Edit Quiz -1
① Edit Quiz -2
Right-click on the three-dotted bar to copy the quiz. Quizzes that are currently public to Participants or are in progress can also be copied.
② Copy Quiz -1
② Copy Quiz -2
Quizzes can also be edited - content order, copy links, etc.

7. Links

Content → ② Click Add Content → ③ Click Link
④ Add Title, Description, Embedded URL, Select Section and set start time & deadline → Create

8. Notes

Content → ② Click Add Content → ③ Click Note
④ Add Title/Description, Select section, and set start time & deadline → Create

9. A useful feature for users

Web : Tap the button at the top left of the app to move directly to the previous/next content.
Mobile : Tap the button at the top right of the app to move directly to the previous/next content.
Check out the content on CLASSUM by simply going back and forth.
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