Access CLASSUM contents

★ You can utilize various features (Zoom, VOD, YouTube, Quiz) in CLASSUM content.

1. Basic layout

① Users can organize content using sections.
② Each content shows deadlines when to complete the session.
③ Members can filter contents based on their status and content types.
④ Changing the order placement of each content is also available.
⇒ Click on the three dots(...) in the top right corner → Select move contents upwards/move contents downwards

2. Using sections

① Create unlimited sections and use it like folders.
⇒ Click add section ⊕
② You can directly access the contents under the listed section.
⇒ Click the content title under each section.
③ Reorder content & move contents from one section to another
※ You can also move contents from one section to another.
⇒ Click on the three dots(・・・) in the right corner→ Click Change order → Change the order of sections by dragging and dropping each section
④ Changing section titles
⇒ Click on the three dots(・・・) on the right of the section title → Click Rename section → Set an appropriate title

3. Easily navigate through content

On mobile and web, you can easily move to the previous/next content by pressing the buttons on the top.
Even while moving, learn the content easily on CLASSUM.
 Please consult directly with our CLASSUM expert. We'll do our best to resolve your issue.