What are the differences between the free and the premium plan?

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CLASSUM - Pricing
With our free plan, you can create an unlimited number of Spaces and invite an unlimited number of users. You also have access to all of CLASSUM’s community features!
With our premium plan, you can use the features below.
Organization Manager Page - Can easily manage and supervise all lectures
[Renotification] - Check who has read the announcements and renotify those who haven’t with a single click
Lectures Through [Content] - Zoom, live lectures, video lectures (Upload VOD, embed YouTube/Vimeo), automatically scored quizzes
[Export to PDF/Excel] - Export all posts, comments, and member statistics to PDF or Excel file and use them for various purposes
[Insights] - Check data and graphs for participation rates, activities of individual members and courses, etc
Unlimited Capacity for Attachments - The free plan allows 50MB size limit per attachment
Onboarding/Customized Counseling and Consulting - Receive professional CS/CX support to use CLASSUM properly