Admin Console

A. Admin Console

What is a Admin Console? Only the Organization Manager can access the Admin Console. By using the console, admin can better manage the space and its members. The console can only be accessed by the Organization Manager, even for paid institutions.

1. Go to the Admin Console

Admin of institutions can show up in spaces as admin or as individuals
Go through the Admin Console
Click on the button to go to the Admin Console page.
Only show the button to the institution admin.
By going through the console page, admins will show up in a space as an admin profile.
Go through CLASSUM
Click on the button to go to the institution main page .
If you want to appear as a member (and not an admin), go to a space through the CLASSUM page.
By going through the main page, you will show up in space as an individual profile.
Admin Console

2. Manage spaces

① Current Spaces : See all spaces in an institution.
② Filter : Use filters to quickly find spaces. Space name, status, admin/participants, etc.
③ Search : Search for space name, date of creation, name, etc.
④ Create Space : Organization Admin can also create spaces.
⑤ Enter Space : Go into each of the spaces.
⑥ Edit : Use the Admin console to edit or copy the space name.

3. Manage members

Member Lists
① Current Members : See all of the members in a organization.
② Pending invitations : See all the accounts that received invitation but has not enter the space.
③ Filter : Use filters to quickly find members. You can find members based on their status, access level, date of last visited, etc.
④ Search : Search for members using names and emails.
⑤ Invite : You can invite organization members at once. You can copy and paste from your file up to 500 email address.
⑥ Remove : In the Admin Console, you remove multiple members in different spaces. If you want to remove only from a specific space, please use the member management in that space.
⑦ Edit Member Info : You can edit the profile picture, name, and other information except for Organization Admin.
Member Info Fields
You can add Member Info fields to the information set by default.
① Add Fields : You can add various types of Fields such as text, number, date, single/multiple Select.
② Apply Changes : After editing, click Apply Changes to be reflected in the Member Info Field within the organization.
③ Change Order: The order of default Info Fields and Member Info Fields can be adjusted by the administrator.
More : Member Info fields that you have added can be modified or deleted.
Apply changes: Newly added Fields can be modified immediately when participants access the Space.

3. Organization Settings

You can check an institution’s information and creation code. You can change the space’s tags and functions when setting up institutions.
Organization info
You can change the space representative’s name and phone number through the information page.
Space Creation Code
① Space creation code : If you deactivate the space creation code, all admin cannot create a new space. But, the Organization admin can create spaces regardless of space creation code deactivation.
② Copy : You can copy the code to provide it to a space admin who needs to create a space. Even if space admins are not institution admins, they can make a premium space for the institution using this code.
③ Refresh : By refreshing, you can create a new code. If you refresh the code, you cannot access the old one.

4. Space Settings

① Term: Every semester or year, you can add new information. New information will appear automatically in new spaces. If you want to edit the information in an existing space, go to settingsspace settingsspace information.
② Tag : When creating a new space, you can set the tags. New tags will appear automatically in new spaces. If you want to change the tags in an existing space, go to space → community → left side bar.
③ Role : When creating a new space, you can set the roles of admin and participants. New roles will appear automatically in new spaces. If you want to change the roles in an existing space, go to space settingsmanage roles
④ Tap Menu : Set a default tab in the new Space. You can see previews of these settings both on web and app. After the default tab is set in the Admin Console, it will be applied to all the spaces created after the setting. You can also set the tab menu individually according to the purpose of the Space in the Space Settings.

5. Plan Details

In the rate information page, you can see the number of members in an institution per day and month as well as video watch time.

B. Guide for Space Admins Within Premium Organizations

★ The Premium Organization Admin can manage all Spaces in the Organization Admin Page above, but educators (ex. teachers, professors, etc) can also create Spaces on their own.
★ Organization Admins need to guide the Space Admins (ex. teachers, professors, etc) on how to create Spaces. Share the information below along with the Space Creation Code!

1. Create Spaces

① Sign-in to CLASSUM. Click Create a Space.
② Select the Premium Space button.
③ Fill out the Space Creation Code, shared by the Organization.
※ Tip : Once you have entered the space creation code, you do not need to re-enter the code when creating another Space in the future. You can directly create a Space by clicking on the Organization card.
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