Notifications - App & Web / Slack, MS Teams Integrations

 Notifications from CLASSUM can be checked on both the web and the app.
If you usually use CLASSUM on your PC, set web push notifications to receive timely updates in CLASSUM!

A. Setting notifications on your web browser

You can receive notifications when new posts and contents are up through your browser.

1. Supported browsers

Web push notifications are supported on Chrome, Firefox and MS Edge! Not supported on Safari

2. Permission settings

Important! You have to allow the push notification permission BOTH on CLASSUM and your browser!
Permission Settings in CLASSUM
Click Profile Image → ② Click Three Dots (…) → ③ Click Account Settings → ④  Notifications → ⑤ Turn on Receive notifications from this browser toggle.
Permission Settings on Browser
⇒ Please click on the browser you are using as the settings page differs according to each browser! Click()Toggle!
MS Edge
Preview of push notification on web

3. Notification location and default look

Notification location on web & mobile
Notification screen (web)

4. Notification types

Notifications: All, Priority, Activity, Updates
All: All notifications are shown here by the latest. Previous notifications are all stored here.
Priority: Includes all notifications that the user needs to see first in order of relevance.
Space alerts: space invitations, spaces closing/deactivating, premium plan renewal deadline.
Feedback: First answer / 50% answered / 100% answered by everyone
Space/Class alerts
1) Starting Live sessions, invitations
2) Announcements & Reminders
3) Recorded video uploads / Deadlines / Finish assignment by today
Activity: Community-related updates (posts & comments)
Updates: Space settings updates, Spaces activating/deactivating, changes to permissions, invitation approvals, etc.

5. Accept invitations and join live sessions with one click directly from Notifications

※ If you didn't allow push notifications on the app, notifications will appear as banners.
(Figure 4) Example of 'Notifications with CTA' & 'Banner notifications in lieu of push notifications'

6. Red dot shows unread notifications

(Figure 5) 'Unread Notifications' (Left) 'Read Notifications' (Right)

B. App notification setting

For app notification setting, more options are included.
You can choose which notifications you want to receive based on your personal preferences.
Click More → ② Settings Icon → ③ Notifications → ④ Use the toggles to set preferences

C. CLASSUM MS Teams / Slack integration

1. CLASSUM Slack Integration

You can also send notifications to Slack.
Settings → ② Click Integration ManagementClick Connect → ④ Select Slack workspace and channel → ⑤ Click AllowComplete

2. CLASSUM MS Teams Integration

Click Microsoft Teams in Integration Management → ② Install CLASSUM application for MS Teams → ③ Verify CLASSUM → ④ Choose spaces to integrate → ⑤ Completed
 Please consult directly with our CLASSUM expert. We'll do our best to resolve your issue. Speak to our CLASSUM expert via 1-on-1 support