Content - Progress / Renotify

Would you like to know how many participants have watched the uploaded video lectures, and how many individuals have completed the lectures?
As the space admin, you can check the total number of participants and completed/incomplete individuals through the dashboard, and you can also check the specific view progress.
Not only can you check the video view progress, but you can also check the read rate of content links and note reading status, making it easy to track participants' learning progress.
Click on the Dashboard in the upper right corner of the screen to see the number of incomplete and complete participants.
Through Renotify Incomplete Participants button, you can send notification to incomplete participants and encourage them to watch the video.
Click the Export to Excel button at the top of the dashboard to download an excel file containing each participant's progress data and completion date.
※ With VOD, we can accurately identify the progress based on the viewing time, but with links and note contents, they are displayed as 100% as soon as they are clicked.