How to use Library

1. CLASSUM Library Section

โ‘  Category : You can set Categories by organization and topic. Categories can be set in 2 steps.
โ‘ก Add Content : If you click the Add Content (+) button, you can upload VOD, Link, and Note content.
โ‘ข Search & Filter : You can search for content titles or select and view only the content you want by Topic/Content Type/Content length.

2. Add Content

Click Add Content โ†’ Click Content type โ†’ Add Title and Description โ†’
Upload content (VOD/Link/Note) โ†’ Select Category & Topic โ†’ Create
โ€ป Restrict playback speed on the first play.
โ€ป Progress dashboard is unavailable for VODs with YouTube/Vimeo URLs

3. Share Content

The contents in the [Library] can be shared with Spaces.
Click Select โ†’ Select the contents to be shared โ†’ Click Share โ†’ Select the Space to share โ†’
Click Share to # spaces
โ€ป You can also share content with an icon. ()
โ€ป Shared content is categorized under "New Library Section" in the Space.
โ€ป When content is shared, members of the space receive new content notifications.

4. Search & Filter

โ‘  Topic : You can search the library contents by Topic.
โ‘ก Type : You can filter content by Type (video lecture/link/note).
โ‘ข Duration : If you select a video lecture from the Type, you can sort out the video by Length.
โ‘ฃ Search : You can find the content you want by searching the content title.

5. Course Marketplace

At the CLASSUM Course Marketplace, we provide an integrated environment for organization members to freely apply for and take various affiliated content.
With diverse courses, we can create a tailored library for our institution by selecting only the contents we need.

a. Explore Courses

Institution members can browse external courses selected by the institution administrator.
โ‘  You can check various affiliated contents in the library.
โ‘ก You can access the desired content provider directly through the categories on the left.

b. Course Enrollment

Members can apply for course enrollment if they want to take any of the contents displayed in the library.
โ‘  When you select the desired course card, you can see the course information. Take a look and apply for the course you like.
โ‘ก You can check the courses you applied for on the My Page. Members can take the course after the administrator approves it.
โ‘ข After applying for the course, you can check your course history (waiting, in progress) on My Page.

c. Taking enrolled courses

Now that your enrollment has been approved, you can start taking the course content! Go to My Page and select the courses you are taking to get started.
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