AI DOT (1.0 / 2.0)

Within the data accumulated in CLASSUM, it utilizes GPT AI technology to recommend answers.


① Post a question
To receive AI DOT’s suggested answers, participants must post a question.
② Recommendations from AI DOT
AI DOT will recommend up to 10 similar posts, including the most similar question.
③ Add comments
You can continue to communicate with other members in the comment section below AI DOT's answers.

AI DOT 1.0

a. View AI DOT’s Recommendations

① Order
You can view AI DOT’s recommended posts ordered by similarity or newest.
② Space name
Displays the space name where the recommended post was created.
③ View more
This will link to the original post and its comment.
④ Feedback
You can give direct feedback on whether the post recommended by AI DOT is similar to the your question or not.
You can't change the feedback once you click it, so please choose wisely.

b. View all recommended posts & move history

All recommended posts by AI that you visits are listed in the History.
You can jump from the first recommended posts that you’d viewed to the one you're reading now.

c. Suggestions for similar posts in other spaces

※ If you want to integrate AI data by space ⇒ Contact CLASSUM! (1:1 Chat with CLASSUM)
If you connect multiple spaces under an organization, AI DOT will analyze posts from all connected spaces, find similar posts, and make recommendations.
You can also see posts from the spaces that you didn’t join.
Joined space : You can comment and click reaction buttons just the same as before.
Not joined space : You can see the posts recommended by AI DOT and see other similar posts, but you can't comment or click reaction buttons.

2. AI DOT Solve

a. View of AI DOT Solve

Our AI Dot 2.0 understands the context of the question, analyzes the articles and content in the space, and recommends the right answer.
We can also integrate with OneDrive to provide answers based on our organization's materials (text, PPT, PDF, etc.).

b. Go to the answer source

① Go to attachments.
If you've connected AI DOT to OneDrive, it will suggest attachments for your question.
Click the recommended attachment along with the answer to view the attachment in OneDrive directly.
② Guide to answer sources
AI DOT Solve references the post body, attachments, and comments to answer your question.
When you move the answer source, it tells you where the answer was referenced.
③ Movement history
You can navigate freely from the post containing the AI DOT Solve answer to the post you're currently viewing.
The navigation history keeps a list of the AI answer locations you've seen in order.

c. AI DOT Solve - Organization

The AI DOT Solve - Organization searches for questions, and based on those questions, the AI analyzes material in OneDrive to find answers.

d. Question and Answer of AI DOT Solve - Organization

① Answer lists
You can store up to NN questions and answers searched by an individual for up to NN days (or NN days).
You can delete unwanted answer lists.
② AI DOT answers
Analyzes the question and finds up to 5 answers.
You can copy the AI's answers
③ Move source
Shows you the attachments where the AI found the answer.
Click on the attachment to see the page where the answer is referenced.

How to use GPT

① Posting a question
When you post a question on CLASSUM, GPT looks for answers from all previous posts.
Feel free to post any questions, just like asking a person.
② Recommended answer from GPT
GPT examines posts in the space to determine if there is an answer.
GPT can find answers from up to three posts.
If GPT finds a post with an answer, it shows the source of the answer.

Precautions when using GPT

① Please do not enter personal information when using GPT.
The data entered into the service is also provided to OpenAI, and is subsequently managed according to OpenAI's usage data management policy.
To protect your personal information, please be careful not to enter any personal information when using GPT.
② Inaccurate answers may be recommended due to insufficient data.
The GPT AI model has been trained on data up to 2021 and recommends answer found within the posts uploaded to the CLASSUM space.
Therefore, it may recommend inaccurate answers if it cannot understand the recent Korean language expressions or if there is no answer within the posts.
Service usage may be restricted depending on the Open AI server status and policies.
CLASSUM has integrated Open AI's GPT AI and the GPT server may be unstable during peak usage hours.
 Please consult directly with our CLASSUM expert. We'll do our best to resolve your issue.