Communicate 1:1 with your admin

You can chat 1:1 with an admin in the CLASSUM feedback post.
Through comments in a feedback post set up by the admin, ask admins personal questions that you wouldn't want to post to the community where everyone can see. Get 1:1 help, submit assignments, and more in a feedback post.

1. What is a feedback post?

Feedback posts are created by admins to communicate 1:1 with the participants.
Your communications here are not visible to everyone else. This allows admins to ask you questions that you might not want to share publicly, and to encourage you to do things like 1:1 counseling or assignment submissions.
Try replying to an admin in a feedback post right now!
Feedback chatroom - View of admin
Feedback chatroom - View of participant

2. Real name feedback & anonymous feedback

There are two types of feedback posts.
① Real name feedback : If you comment here, you'll be automatically pseudonym-ized. Admins can open a chatroom first to have a 1:1 chat with participants they want to engage with. Admins typically use it for 1:1 counseling, assignment submissions, and other activities.
Feedback chatroom - Real name
② Anonymous feedback : When you comment here, you're automatically anonymized! In an anonymous feedback post, admins can't see your real name, and they can't open a chatroom without you first. This is often used by admins for course evaluations or to collect anonymous feedback in a quick chat.
Feedback chatroom - Anonymous
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