Content - ZOOM

1. Connecting Zoom accounts

2. Zoom sessions

Content → ② Click Add Content → ③ Click Zoom Session → ④ Set title, description, scheduling details and other settings
※ Start zoom sessions directly on CLASSUM.
※ Both admin and participants must have the zoom app installed on their computers.
※ Zoom sessions are available on both desktop browsers and CLASSUM's mobile app.
④ Set participation period
You can set the start time of the zoom lecture.
⑤ Content notification on/off
Notification can be sent to participants when content is created.
If you have set the participation period of the content, the notification will be sent at the set start time.
If you do not want to send notifications to participants for each content, you can uncheck the checkbox.

a. Automatically upload zoom recording to content

Didn’t you find it bothersome to upload each zoom session recording to your content?
Now, this process can be done automatically!
(However, this feature is only provided to those using the premium plan of Zoom as the Zoom session needs to be recorded and saved in the cloud.)
If you wish to upload the zoom session automatically, choose the ‘Automatically upload Zoom recording to content’ option when adding Zoom content.
①Content → ②Add Content → ③Zoom Session → ④Automatically upload Zoom recording to Content (in Zoom recording settings)
If you choose this option, you can check the uploaded recording in the content space right after the live Zoom session ends.
If you have any further questions, please contact us at   [CLASSUM 1:1 Inquiry].