Post - Feedback / 1:1 Chatroom

If you need individual submission of assignments or require 1:1 consultation with participants, consider utilizing the Feedback feature.
Admin can communicate on 1:1 with all participants in the space by activating chat room settings when writing posts!
It can also be easily used for feedback 1:1 counseling/mentoring, and individual assignment submission.
Write a post → Select the appropriate tag or enter a new one → Click the option button → Click the chat room button → Activate feedback → Complete
① Feedback chatroom view settings
All admins: All admins in the space can see the answers of the participants.
Only me: Only the space admin who wrote the feedback post can see the responses of the participants.
If you choose anonymous feedback, the admin cannot verify the real name of the participant.
Download all: Please use the attached file collectively download to use the files uploaded by the participants in the chatroom.
1:1 chats within a feedback post are sorted by newest
Create chatroom
The chatroom can be created by the admin first.
Press the create chatroom button and select a participant to chat with.
The ability of an admin to create a chatroom first is only available in real-name feedback posts.
⑤ When the admin creates a chatroom and leaves a comment, the chatroom is automatically created and the participant will be notified.