Content - Quiz

A. Create quizzes

Content → ② Add Content → ③ Quiz
Make multiple choice questions and set a scoring system → ⑤ Click Save
: Quiz title and description fields. This is the first screen participants see when they start the quiz.
: You can set points for each multiple choice question at once. (ex. 5 points/question)
: ‘Preview’ button. After participants finish the quiz, Admin can view their answers through a preview screen. Participants can see through the preview that the quiz has been finished.
: Reordering questions and answers. You can move around the questions and answers by dragging and dropping.
: You can make multiple choice questions have ‘single answers’ or ‘multiple answers.’
: After making questions and answers, the admin must select the correct answer.
Settings section→ ⑦ Set quiz start & end time, revealing scores → ⑧ Reveal content
※ After the participant has completed and submitted the quiz, moderators cannot edit the contents of the quiz. Therefore, we recommend that you preview your quiz before publishing it!

B. Results

You can access information like quiz duration, total points and number of questions, and participation rates.
You can see scores of all members, including the Admin, by pressing the ‘all members’ button.
You can see individual scores by going into member profiles. You can see their answers and scores for each question.

C. Edit & copy

Quizzes that are currently public to Participants or are in progress can also be edited.
Click the three-dot(…), Edit button → Edit quiz → Click Save button
① Edit Quiz -1
① Edit Quiz -2
Click the three-dot(…), duplicate button → Edit quiz duplicated & Make the quiz public
② Copy Quiz -1
② Copy Quiz -2
Quizzes can also be edited - content order, copy links, etc.