[Notification] Set Notifications & Slack Integration

You probably don't want to miss out on any of the questions posted during an exam period. Or you might want to disconnect from your classes to take a break. CLASSUM allows users to customize notifications.
Don't want to miss out on questions raised from other students?
Want to stay updated on questions being asked in and out of class?
Don't miss out on questions and Space notifications during exam periods to stay updated about changes to deadlines, instructions, and more!
Never ever miss out on any new information again.

1. How do I turn on or off push notifications on my app?

Mobile (App)
Open CLASSUM. Sign in with your account and select More at bottom right.
Go to Settings β†’ Notification Settings β†’ Push Notifications.
Once you're on Push Notifications page, you can customize push notifications on your app.

2. Notification Center

CLASSUM Notifications keep you updated on everything by space, class, and type.

1) Where it is and what it looks like

(Figure 1) Notification location on web & mobile
(Figure 2) Notification screen (web)

2) Optimized notification center by space

3) Notifications can be sorted in four types: β†’ All, Priority, Activity, Updates

(Figure 3) Notifications: All, Priority, Activity, Updates
β‘  All: All notifications are shown here by latest. Previous notifications are all stored here. .
β‘‘ Priority: Includes all notifications that the user needs to see first in order of relevance.
β‘’ Activity: Community-related updates (posts & comments)
β‘£ Updates: Space settings updates, Spaces activating/deactivating, changes to permissions, invitation approvals, etc.

4) Accept invitations and join live sessions with one click directly from Notifications

β€» If you didn't allow push notifications on the app, notifications will appear as banners.
(Figure 4) Example of 'Notifications with CTA' & 'Banner notifications in lieu of push notifications'

5) Red dot shows unread notifications

(Figure 5) 'Unread Notifications' (Left) 'Read Notifications' (Right)

3. Integration between CLASSUM Slack Notifications

You can also receive notifications for new posts and comments in CLASSUM on Slack.
β‘  Click on Settings β†’ β‘‘ Click on Integration Management β†’ β‘’ Click on Integration β†’ β‘£ Select Slack Workspace and Channel β†’ β‘€ Click on Allow β†’ Done
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