Joining by an admin’s invitation

There are three ways to join a space invited by the admin.

a. Invitation via [Email]

Click Join Space in the invitation email CLASSUM Sign-in or Sign-upCheck space in the space list page and click to Join Space

b. Invitation via [Invitation Code]

Click Join Space Enter Invitation Code → ③ Check space information after clicking Next → ④ Select your role and click Join Space.
You can use a invitation code to join a space by typing in your address bar.

c. Invitation via [Invitation Link]

Click linkSign-inSelect your role and join space.

d. Discover and join as a participant

Instead of an invitation from the admin, you can discover spaces in an organization and preview the space.
However, you can only join the space if the organization admin has set it up so that participants can freely join the space.
① Enrollment Space: Only institution admin can create it.
This is a space where the admin set the enrollment period and the number of participants.
Once the enrollment period or a limited number of participants is reached, you can no longer apply.
② Public Space: Anyone in the institution can create it.
Participants can join the space directly without a separate invitation code.
 Please consult directly with our CLASSUM expert. We’ll do our best to resolve your issue.