How to create a survey

You can create surveys related to lectures, programs, and courses
Participating in the survey is possible on both the web and app, but creating a survey is allowed only on the web version of CLASSUM.
Admins can export individual survey responses to Excel.
① Click Survey tab → ② Click + Survey
③ You can choose who to share the responses/results with. Select between Admin and Only me.
④ If you choose the anonymous option, the administrator won’t be able to check the real names of responses. Try using anonymous surveys when you want to collect honest feedback of participants!
⑤ Enter the survey title and description.
⑥ Select a question type (Single textbox, Multiple choice, Checkbox).
⑦ Add questions to your survey. You can add multiple choices and select Required for mandatory questions.
⑧ Click Preview to review the created survey and click Save.
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