[Insights] Data-based Analytics

From Space data to participant data, get the right information and prepare a better lecture/course according to specific needs.
Check the ‘Insights’ page on the CLASSUM website! (PC, Laptops O / Mobile X)
Space Insights are only available for Premium Users. Please consult with our support team if you would like to know more about the Premium plan. [1-on-1 Support]

1. How to Access the Insights Page

[Insights] is only accessible to Space Admins and Organization Admins.
Organization Admins’ posts and interactions are excluded from the data.
Deleted posts and canceled interactions are not included in the data.
The data of members that have left the Space (including withdrawal) remains.
All data is updated every 30 minutes.

2. Space Insight

(Picture 1) Space Insight - 1
(Picture 2) Space Insight -2
Time Zone : You can change the timezone as you wish.
Overall Activity : Accumulated number of posts and interactions (Likes, Claps, Curious, Interested, etc).
③-𝟷 Who replied : The proportion of accumulated replies made by all members (by role).
③-𝟸 Response time : The average time taken from the time the question was posted to the first reply for that respective question.
③-𝟹 % of Solved Questions : Percentage of solved questions in your Space.
④-𝟷 # of Posts by Tags : You can check which tags have the most number of posts to understand how participants are doing and prepare for future lectures.
④-𝟸 Pinned Post Read Rate : Percentage of announcements read in your Space in comparison to the entire organization → use the ‘renotify’ feature to renotify announcements
Top Questions, Top Answers: You can check the questions and answers that are receiving the most amount of attention.

3. Member Progress - (1) Community

(Picture 3) Member Progress - (1) Community
① You can check each member’s interaction levels and participation rates.
Top Curious, Top Likes, Top Claps : You can take a look at how the participants are doing and identity the most active participants
Member Statistics : You can check each member’s activities in ascending/descending order.

4. Member Progress - (2) Content

(Picture 4) Member Progress - (2) Content
① You can check each member’s content activities and their video lecture progress.
Member Statistics : You can check each member’s activities in ascending/descending order.
Average View Progress (Video Lecture Progress) can be viewed in dashboard form in the Community and Content sections. Click the > button to be taken to the Member Statistics page.
(Picture 4-2) Average View Progress
Detail : You can click on the Detail button of each member to check their individual progress.

5. How to Properly Use Data Analytics

Export All Posts to PDF : You can download the posts and comments of a certain Space as a PDF file.
(Picture 5) Export all posts to PDF
Export Member Statistics to Excel : You can download member statistics and content progress as an Excel file.
(Picture 6) Export Member Progress to Excel
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