Attach a file

Attachment (images & files)

When you create a post, you can attach images or files by clicking the attachment icons.
You can also attach files or images to your comments by clicking the button.
You can upload images, videos, and files to your posts, and the following extensions are supported
List of supported upload extensions
Images ⇒ png, jpg, jpeg, heic, bmp, gif
Videos ⇒ mp4, mov, wmv, avi, flv, gif, mkv, webm, vob, ogv, ogg, gifv
Attachments ⇒ All formats
Use it to submit assignments or reports!
If you upload the file incorrectly, you can fix it like this.
Click More button in the top right → EditAdd file [Upload] or [Delete]Post
 Please consult directly with our CLASSUM expert. We’ll do our best to resolve your issue.