How to use Community

You can easily post announcements and do Q&A in the community.
Also, feel free to upload any materials you want to share.

1. Community

Home Button
You can view the list of spaces that you have entered with your account, either as an admin or as a participant.
Click on each space to check all the spaces you have joined within that organization.
Move back and forth between Community, Content, Survey, Insights, and Settings.
Community Layout : You can choose between a card layout and a list layout for the post view.
⑤ Tag list
You can sort through the posts by each tag.
Tags can be added by clicking the + button on the bottom right.
Also, you can create a new tag when you are writing the post as well.
Try changing the order of tags by clicking the reorder tags button on the bottom right.
Tag names can be changed by clicking the (...) button next to each tag.
⑥ Post feed
Posts that space members (admin, participants) have uploaded are shown here.
Pinned posts are shown on the top.
All posts are organized in time order.
You can filter the post you want to read by using the filter or the search bar on the top right.
⑦ Shortcuts
You can connect all your favorite tools or website(link) to your space, such as CLASSUM’s partners like Kahoot, Padlet, and Gather.
⑧ Posts
You can share your thoughts and ask questions with a single click.
⑨ Text editor
In community posts and comments, you can use text editor features like bold text, bullet points, and numbered lists to format your text.

2. Writing posts and edit

Admins and participants can both upload posts.
Feel free to share your thoughts or interesting materials with everyone.
Admins can organize posts with tags such as group projects or discussions.
Enter title(optional) and content Select appropriate tags upload done
Edit Post
Administrators can edit not only the posts they have written, but also posts written by other administrators.
Click the three-dot icon (・・・) on the post → Edit → Edit the content and then Save.

3. Attachments (image, file)

When writing a post, you can use the button below to share various materials with others.
When writing a comment, you can also attach various files by selecting the button.
Images, videos, and files can be uploaded along with posts in the following formats:
Supported Files:
Image ⇒ png, jpg, jpeg, heic, bmp, gif
Video ⇒ mp4, mov, wmv, avi, flv, gif, mkv, webm, vob, ogv, ogg, gifv
File attachments ⇒ All formats
Use this feature when submitting assignments or reports!
When you have uploaded the incorrect file, follow these steps:
(...) on the top right → Edit Add file Upload or Delete Post

4. Anonymous feature

Using the anonymous function
Participants can write anonymous posts by clicking the anonymous button in the upper right corner. However, the admins can confirm their real name by clicking the profile picture.
All types of posts must have a title, content, and tag settings by default.

5. Writing comments and reply

Easily leave comments on all types of posts, similar to chatting on social media.
All participants have the option to write anonymous or real-name comments.
Select anonymous or real name by clicking Anonymous on the top right.
※ However, the admin cannot switch to the anonymous character.
You can leave replies to the comments!
Right-click → Click the Reply button or
Leave a reply by Double-clicking
Go directly to the message you want to respond to by clicking the original message right above the reply. When there are a lot of comments and conversation topics to keep track of, use the reply function to easily move to the comments you want to view!
If you choose to upload a comment or post anonymously, a random nickname is given to you.
Will there be traces of deleted comments and comment replies?
No traces will be left for comments deleted within 10 minutes of posting. However, “an admin has deleted this comment,” will be left if a comment is deleted by admin and “this comment has been removed” will be left when comment is deleted after 10 minutes of posting.
 Please consult directly with our CLASSUM expert. We'll do our best to resolve your issue. Speak to our CLASSUM expert via 1-on-1 support