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Based on valuable feedback from users, we have updated several features to improve our platform’s usability.
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2023.03.02 | ChatGPT just for our organization, CLASSUM AI DOT 2.0

Hello. This is the Customer Success Team at CLASSUM.
In March 2023, various features have been updated to make CLASSUM even more user-friendly.
Please check the details below to see what's new!

Web | AI Dot 2.0 Released

An AI integrated with Chat GPT for easy searching exploration within the organization
Generates answers and highlights based on data accumulated within the organization
CLASSUM has released a ChatGPT AI DOT 2.0 for institutional use.
While the previous AI DOT provided recommendations for similar questions, AI DOT 2.0 incorporates Generative AI to provide answers to questions based on accumulated data within the company.
Chat GPT is suitable for general knowledge search, providing answers based on web data learned until 2021.
On the other hand, CLASSUM's AI DOT 2.0 generates answers by analyzing the questions and answers that institution members exchanged, along with relevant institution information. It also provides sources for the answers, and users can verify and assess the sources to ensure credibility.
CLASSUM is holding an event to offer "AI DOT 2.0 for free to existing and new customers to celebrate the release of "AI DOT 2.0".
If you are curious about CLASSUM and AI DOT 2.0 Inquire about AI Dot 2.0

Web| Text Editor for Improved Writing Experience

Bold text, bullet points, numbered list available
Available for both post and comments in community
We have added the Text Editor feature based on the valuable feedback of our CLASSUM users.
Using the Text Editor, you can emphasize important information with bold text and improve readability by incorporating bullet points/numbers for lengthy content.
This update applies to both posts and comments within the community.
If you want more detailed guides for the Text Editor, check out How to use Community

Web | Discover Spaces that Spark Your Interest

Participants can freely join the spaces they are interested in.
Enable enrollment by Space to allow participants to apply for enrollment.
Discover Spaces that spark your interests and join them with our new feature ‘Discover Space’.
This update is designed to encourage Members to learn and grow together in Spaces.
Enrollment feature is now available!
This feature enables Admins to set which Spaces can be enrolled in, providing greater control over learning management.
Try using ‘Discover Space’ for more effective learning.

Other Trivial but Important Updates

& Web & App

Increased maximum character limit for community posts
Improved library content share feature
Improved quiz content edit
CLASSUM is always open to users’ feedback. If you have any inquiries or have any troubles while using the service, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-on-1 Consult (Click)
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