Create shortcuts

The shortcut function allows you to link various URLs such as Gather, Zoom replay meetings, Webex, Google Docs, Google Calendar, and many more!

1. Using shortcuts (URL)

① Click the (⊕) button in the side bar on the right side of the screen to open the shortcuts tab.
② Fill out the shortcut name and the address(URL) you want to link. You can add pictures for each shortcut.
③ Click confirm, and the shortcut link will appear below. Click on the link to easily navigate between different pages within CLASSUM!
You can click the see more(...) button to edit or delete the shortcut name and URL.
④ You can make as many URL shortcuts as you want. Upload important external links in CLASSUM to support learning activities!

2. Using shortcuts (Gather)

★ To use Gather, you need to purchase a separate plan and create a virtual space in advance. Follow the steps below to link Gather’s space to CLASSUM!
① Click the Add button in the sidebar on the right side of the screen to open the guide about Gather.
②After creating a virtual space in Gather, click Add to CLASSUM on the guidance page.
※ You can check the Gather homepage, view use examples of CLASSUM X Gather, check gather pricing, and access the link for contacting the sales team.
③ Fill out the Gather link you wish to connect with the CLASSUM space. You can also set a shortcut name to your preference.
④ Click the Confirm button and you are done linking Gather’s virtual space to CLASSUM!
For now, you can only link 1 Gather space per CLASSUM space.
If you click the (...) button on the right side of the shortcut to Gather, you can.. A. Edit or delete the shortcut name and link. B. Select the Guide button to view basic user guides for gather. (Link) C. Select the Tip button to take a look at specific use cases of CLASSUMxGather. (Link)
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